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We believe your home is your sanctuary


When the voters of Colorado overwhelmingly approved Amendment 64 in 2013, a paradigm shift occurred in our Centennial State. People who had been using marijuana for medical or recreational purposes no longer were criminals in the eyes of the law.  People with years of experience growing and processing cannabis could openly share their knowledge with others.  Patients who had found relief from a number of symptoms by switching from pharmaceuticals to cannabis could tell their physicians about it.

Need Room to Grow Realty was founded to serve those people.  We want to help you find your place in Colorado.  

We can help you sell your home with its existing grow room.  We can find you a home to start your life and your legal grow.  Contact us if you are looking for investment properties or warehouses.  Hemp land is becoming legal and sought after in most counties; we can help you find that, too.  

Amendment 64 made it legal for all adult Colorado residents to grow six marijuana plants in their home (up to twelve per household.) No licensing is required.

We began Need Room to Grow Realty to connect buyers and sellers who appreciate a property that accommodates their lifestyle. We share your beliefs that your home is the one place where you are the freest. Whether you are a grower of cannabis, hemp, or someone who wants to simply grow your assets, we take pride in working with you to provide the best solutions to your real estate needs. Your home can be your sanctuary. Let us help you find yours, or sell the one you're in now for the next, better one.

Need Room to Grow Realty has evolved into NRG Realty to serve all homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners in the Denver Metro area. Same great service. Same commitment to serve your needs. We still specialize in homes that can sustain you. Our logo is just a little more inclusive now. And maybe there's a little more positive energy. Call us to discuss your next move. 720-436-1218.



We do not work with 4/20-friendly rentals, but can show you ways you can own a home. That is the best way to enjoy the freedom Colorado's voters granted.


NRG Realty believes in personal freedom and also the personal responsibility that is part of it. Please seek professional legal advice to understand the law before entering into any marijuana-related transaction.