Fact: Homeowners amass 45X the wealth of renters! The sooner you buy, the quicker your assets grow.

Net Worth Owner/Renter

Owning a home is a great way to build wealth, but even more significant is how you can make it your own. That being said, how do you buy one?

Many mortgage brokers have grants and other programs that make it easy to qualify and to buy a better home.

Your first step in buying a property is to talk to a mortgage broker. We can recommend local brokers who are great to work with and who help you find your comfort level for a mortgage. If you need help building up your credit score, they can advise you. They can give you information on government funding programs that can give you a boost to buy more or to buy a fixer upper. Call us for recommendations, or choose your own lender.

Once you know your pre-qualification number, you can zero in on the features you want in your home.

Use the search feature on this page to pull up all of the current listings that meet your needs. We are directly connected to the Denver Metro MLS. Call us if you would like a mobile search engine. We don't sell your contact information on this site or on our mobile app, but we do get notices when you like a property. 

The art of making the offer and making it work--the fun begins.

Writing the offer on a home involves strategy and finesse. In a sellers' market, you may find yourself just one of many other interested parties. Knowing the current market and price strategies can be the difference between winning and losing a home you love. In a buyers' market, you may want to find a bargain, but need ideas to make it attractive to the seller. Having NRG Realty on your side is a winning strategy in all markets.