Having a knowledgeable and ethical REALTOR makes all the difference

When you are ready to sell, you have a lot to consider.

Where are you going to move? What will you take with you? How do you get everything there? When do you need to be there? How do you sell your home? How much is it worth? How do you stage it? Who is going to walk through your property? What about the paperwork?


Hiring an experienced professional makes sense when you are selling your largest investment!

NRG Realty was founded by marketing professionals. When you hire us, you get decades of experience promoting and selling. We know the best ways to target your marketing to reach the largest number of potential buyers.  Our goal is to get you the highest value for your property in the shortest amount of time. Selling your home with a professional Realtor's help brings you a higher selling price--19% higher according to the National Association of Realtors.

Setting your asking price is a science--and an art.

NRG Realty subscribes to many valuation services, and we will provide reports that examine your home's worth through a number of algorithms. We also rely on our instincts, honed by years of experience. Our market changes daily. We are deeply committed to knowing the Denver area trends and how they affect your home's value.

Only pre-qualified buyers will enter your home.

By hiring us, you gain the assurance that a professional REALTOR is in charge. NRG Realty subscribes to the Denver Metro MLS and the rural Colorado MLS (IRES,) and Centralized Showing Service. These are the listing services Denver metro professional real estate agents use. Unless it is in the Open House context, the people coming through your home will be accompanied by a real estate agent and their ability to purchase should be confirmed.

Start packing! We can help you stage your home to appeal to most buyers.

A fresh set of eyes helps when you are trying to make your home as sellable as possible. It's more than decluttering. It's knowing what buyers see in the properties that are in competition with yours. It's being aware of design trends in your target market. It's setting the stage with light and scent and sound. It's having professional photographers and videographers to capture your home at its finest.

Completely understanding the offers you will receive will help you get to a successful closing.

As you receive offers, NRG Realty will help you determine which will best get you to your goal. Our team of transaction coordinators keep the process humming along.  And once your home is sold, we hope you will feel that our service has exceeded your expectations.